Tenacta Group is an Italian company with a portfolio of worldwide leading brands that share the same mission: to develop designs and technological innovations that will improve people's quality of life.

The 'Person' is at the centre of every project development of Tenacta Group and four 'Worlds' have been defined to fulfil the emerging needs of the increasingly evolved consumer: Beauty, Cooking, Home, Wellness.

Tenacta Group integrates various businesses that operate in the market with unique and distinct communication strategies.

Small Domestic Appliances and Tools for the Beauty and Wellness of the Body. In addition, the Group has a range of professional equipment for hairdressers and a pioneering new system that dispenses top quality espresso.

Imetec, Bellissima, Dreamland, Aspen, Collexia and Caffè del Caravaggio are the crown jewels of the Tenacta Group. Constant investments in technological innovation, marketing and communication allow these brands to command significant positions both in Italy and abroad.

Today, Tenacta Group is present in over 38 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Russia, Australia and North America, and has over 400 employees.


Tenacta Group was created in 2007 but the company's origins date back to 1973, when Imetec was launched. This brand, which is now part of all Italians' life, broke into the market with Scaldasonno, a revolutionary product used to warm the bed, destined to change the fate of the company by leading it to an unprecedented breakthrough.

Imetec's product portfolio broadened in 1985 when the company launched new small domestic appliances following the same philosophy. The first products were created for hair care, kitchen, floor care and ironing. Innovation, technology, quality and simplicity were the key to success and Imetec became affirmed as a true leader in Italy.

Imetec went international in 1993 when Imetec UK, the first foreign branch, was founded.

Dreamland, a historic leading brand in the UK in the category of electric blankets, was acquired in 2002.

A new strategy was brought to life in 2005, which focused on the beauty sector: an international project aimed at the development and distribution of innovative hair&beauty care tools to enhance every woman's beauty. This led to the creation of Bellissima - a full range of products that combine performance and technology so as to bring Italian elegance and style to the world.

In 2007, Imetec changed its name to Tenacta Group SpA unipersonale, opening itself to diversification in a professional environment with the launch of two new brands: Caffè del Caravaggio – dedicated to catering – and Collexia – professional beauty tools for the hairdressing industry.

The acquisition of Aspen, in Argentina, in 2010 - a leading company in the medical sector - set the foundation for the Group's development in South America.

In subsequent years, Tenacta Group strengthened its internationalisation strategy, spanning its presence in 38 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Russia, Australia and North America.